Handcrafted jewelry design


Inspired by the strength of minimal shapes and natural structures Maureen created her own style in jewelry design. RAW but classy jewelry, for everyday wear. All jewelry is handcrafted in our atelier in Eindhoven to guarantee each piece of high-quality and craftmanship. Each piece is timeless and created with great passion to last a lifetime.
And beyond.

Founder Maureen Centen


Currently living and working in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Born in 1989. On the age of 16 I started my studies in gold & silversmithing at the ‘vakschool’ in Schoonhoven. I gratuated and while working I realized that I wanted to develop and widen my creative abilities more. I decided to continue my studies at the Maastricht Acadamy of Fine Arts and Design, The Netherlands. After I graduated I started working on my own jewelry collections.

‘It starts with a quick sketch on paper. A strong but minimalist shape, inspired by mother earth, the moon, art, ancient symbolism, ethnic cultures & tribes.

I create the design in the most precious metals using hand-tools, fire, timeworn hammers and anvils. During the making proces I make rough structures in the material. These structures are inspired AND created by the natural elements ; Fire, earth, water, air.

I like to get surprised by what comes out during process and leave some traces of craftmanship visible. It gives each piece a, unique character.’