Jewelry care

Unfortunately high quality doesn’t mean immortallity, please read this jewelry care information and treath your jewelry carefully to keep it in the best condition as long as possible.

The basic jewelry rules :

-High quality doesn’t mean immortality, please treath your jewelry with good care.
–Store your jewelry properly in your jewelry box to avoid tarnishing and scratching
-Remove jewellery when doing household tasks or exercising
-Do not wear jewelry while in a pool or while bathing
-Avoid exposure of your jewelry to perfume or other chemicals
-Never wear your jewelry while sleeping
-Never dip jewelry in ‘dip’ solutions. It will damage your jewelry!

How to remove dirt (DIY):

-Leave your piece of jewelry in a cup of warm tapwater, a little amonia and a little dishsoap for 15 minutes.
-Brush away the dirt with an old / soft toothbrush.
-Dry carefully with a fresh and soft towel or kitchenpaper.

Material Care

Atelier Maureen Centen jewelry is available in a variety of hand finishes and structures and made of high quality materials ; (recycled) 925 Sterling silver 925, 14ct gold and natural gemstones.

14 ct gold

14 ct gold is a high quality sustainable material, hard enough to last a lifetime. And beyond. To keep it in the best condition as long as possible please read the ‘basic jewelry rules’.

925 silver

Polished sterling silver can oxidise a bit black after a while, you can clean this easily with a silver polish cloth which you can buy at the grocery stores. The best way to keep it from tarnishing is to wear your jewelry piece frequently, and embrace the new unique characteristics your jewelry takes on as it ages.

Oxidized (blackened) 925 Silver

We Love to design and finish our jewelry with a RAW and oxidized finish. Oxidized silver is characterized by its black color. Oxidization is a natural process of silver tarnishing under the influence of sulphur in the air. Our black jewelry is developed by speeding up this process. The black film on silver is a thin top layer. Oxidation will fade of in time with regular wear.

This way the wearer will give his or her piece of jewellery the finishing touch. This will result in a worn-out look. Oxidised sterling silver should never be polished.