Herkimer rosecut ring


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Diamonds & Gemstones

Rosecut herkimer quartz


925 Silver Oxidized



One of a kind

This piece is handcrafted in in our atelier in Eindhoven using hand-tools, fire, timeworn hammers, anvils and great passion for craftmanship. This gives each piece of jewelry it’s own unique characteristics, never two pieces are exactly the same. We Love to design and finish our jewelry with a RAW and oxidized finish, characterized by its black color. Oxidization is a natural process of silver tarnishing under the influence of sulphur in the air.

Herkimer diamond quartz

Herkimer diamonds are over 500 million years old and are to be found by the Mohawk River in Herkimer Country upstate New York. Here lived the Mohawk indians, who accidentally found the diamond, which is acutally a quartz crystal. Since it has two points and 18 facets, regardless of size, it was seen as magical. Herkimer are often extremely clear stones but i love to collect herkimers with black inclusions, Some even have water inclusions
within them, which can support healing of emotional problems.

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This ring is size 58 / 18.5
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