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Nick3XL x Maureen Centen

A collaboration between tattoo artist Nick, known for his bold and dark ornaments using the human body as his canvas, and Maureen Centen, a skilled craftswoman in designing and crafting jewelry characterized by rough textures in minimalist designs.
Driven by a shared passion for dark aesthetics and a deep appreciation for each other’s work, Nick & Maureen decided to merge their artistry in a unique collaboration, creating jewelry that blends their signature styles.

Each item is individually crafted to order in solid 925 silver to ensure exceptional craftsmanship and the highest quality, intended to be cherished for a lifetime, and beyond.

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Solid 925 silver, oxidized


Size : 9 x 9 x 9 mm
Weight :


All jewelry is handcrafted in our atelier in Eindhoven to guarantee each piece of high-quality and craftmanship.

Made to order

All collection items are handcrafted and vary in stucture and shape. Every piece is unique, none will ever be exactly the same. Allow up to 21 days production time in busy periods.

Size guide

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